Learn Jiu Jitsu Lingo

Learn Jiu Jitsu Lingo and that means you’ve found yourself in this strange world that is new the Brazilian jiu jitsu community, surrounded by sweaty people wearing pajamas, “oss”ing and bowing to each other, and speaking something that sounds like English.

Welcome. Now listed here are some commonly-used content that you could find helpful while you begin to understand “jiujitsuese”:


Pronounced “oh-sss”, with so long an “s” sound as your little heart desires. This is the most words that are versatile the jiu jitsu community. It can be used in greeting, in host to “thank you”, as acknowledgement of a greater belt’s angry abilities, or as a general affirmation of solidarity with your fellow jiu jitsu practitioner.


Pronounced “ghee”, with a”g that is hard (like in grapefruit). This is that funny pajama that is looking you wear to train in. Yes, it is a kimono, but if you call it that, you are going to single yourself out as a severe newbie.


Notably interchangeable with “fight”, “train” and “match”, usually in reference to the actual live-sparring rounds with your other teammates. Can be utilized as a verb: for instance, a greater belt will ask you “Want to roll?” into a little pretzel before she proceeds to “roll” you. Or it can be used being  a noun: “We possessed  a great roll, on me. Before he made a decision to hulk out”

Tap: Learn how to love this expressed word, or get visiting the emergency space… often. The “tap” is the physical or spoken resignation of defeat in a jiu jitsu gym match. It typically comes ahead of the  point of pain – as by having  an arm or leg lock – or passing out – since with a choke. It had been also once used in the name of a really tacky clothing brand.


The part of training that consists of many, numerous… many repetitions of various methods. It’s not the part that is funnest of jiu jitsu, however it is definitely an indispensable aspect of an individual’s training regime. It is situated on the thought of muscle mass memory; do something usually sufficient, and it takes less conscious effort to do it as time goes by.


A training technique in which  a person that is single in the center during  a amount  of time while two or more opponents spell each other out against him/her. Dependent on the intensity, this can also be known, lovingly, as a “shark tank”. Because the person in the middle continually faces a brand new opponent, it gives him/her a much more intense training than a normal roll. Given that you’re armed with some lingo, go forth, grasshopper, while making us proud.



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