Now is the Perfect time for you take up a Spray Tanning Business

Have you been tired of extended hours at your time task and not involved in a field that you will be really passionate about? Would you like to become your boss that is own and making the choices that form your own future? Numerous of people around the world have actually thought the same things and started looking for an entrepreneurship opportunity that may change their life and make then really enjoy planning  to work once more! Growth in  the sunless tanning industry, the promising summer season, affordable startup costs, and also the satisfaction that sunless tanning business people feel when assisting others appear and feel their best all make starting a spray tan business a decision that is fabulous!

Favorable market

With continued research by skin Cancer Foundation bringing to light that 90percent of no melanoma epidermis cancers are associated with experience of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, individuals are flocking to healthier alternatives to have sun-kissed epidermis. Most are turning to Self-Tanning, which has made it one of the ten fastest growing companies within the United States from 2012 to 2017. This has created improvements within the industry in both equipment and Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) solution technology, reducing service time and providing a more natural-looking tan in a variety of colors.

Product expenses are usually low, about $1 to $2 per solution. a consumer that is average of about $75 per service has  an insight into the high potential this profession provides. There hasn’t been a better time and energy to purchase this quickly growing spray tanning market, especially with Artesian Tan helping you to become successful at for every single action of the venture!

Planning Season

Beginning a sunless tanning business takes time, and that’s why pursuing this investment during the season that owners start thinking about their “slower period” is this kind of great concept. Researching exactly what business model will work best in your market, selecting the right gear and materials, getting appropriate training and certifications, and advertising your company are all time-consuming action that needs to take place before you perform your first spray tanning solution. Fortunately, our team at Artesian Tan have put together numerous great resources for business people, such as for example guides, starter kits, and wholesale supply pricing that will expedite your foundation. Getting prepared and gaining some experience now before the industry’s prime winter months will go an extended solution to ensuring the near future success of one’s company. Even though the summer time might be considered the “slower period”, that’s not to say that we now have no possibilities to generate revenue for your start up business. As we mentioned before, awareness of the harmful effects of sunlight tanning has been rapidly driving individuals to look for sunless tanning services throughout the year. In addition to that, summer could be the season whenever many big activities like weddings or outdoor parties occur. Many people don’t have enough time or want to spend hours out into the sun so that they can obtain a perfect glow that is tanned instead choosing sunless tanning alternatives to achieve the sought-after results. This constant, although not overwhelming blast of company provides the ideal starting environment for a new spray tanner to rehearse their craft.


The most factors that are important think about when coming up with the choice to begin your spray tanning business now, may be the satisfaction that you will just take from it. Then this is a no brainer if you are like us and have a passion for sunless tanning (you probably are if you are reading this blog post. Owning a spray tanning company is simply pure enjoyable! Owners get to interact with customers, while doing something they enjoy and working towards making their very own investment a success. In addition there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the surprised face of someone that has gotten a spray tan for the time that is first. They are typically astonished at exactly how natural the service really looks, and you will feel a sense of achievement that the outstanding work could keep them coming back for services as time goes on. Using the big jump to begin yours business is constantly hard, and you may without doubt experience some difficulties on your journey. But waking up and doing something that you certainly love is likely to make it all worthwhile. So, if you’re ready to start your spray tanning business, examine some of our helpful weblog posts and get one of our starter kits. We guarantee you’ll not be disappointed after beginning to apply your art and working toward life in this rewarding industry!

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