How to locate a good Eyelash Extension Technician

It is your duty, as being  a consumer, to make sure your lash professional is licensed and certified with the credentials that are proper the state in that  they are providing this solution.  It is also suggested to make sure that the lash technician you trust your eyes with is properly trained and certified in the art of eyelash extension application by having a reputable eyelash extension company.  Eyelash extensions are section of a non-regulated industry; Every State has its very own regulations, if any, in regard to who can and cannot use eyelash extensions, legally.

Ask to see actual before and after photos of real clients, not stock images taken from the web.

a lash that is professional will just take pride in their own personal work, and they need to will  have on hand images of their artistry.  It is customary to sign a consent form before your initial service is performed, as well as  the lash specialist should go over this form you may have with you to explain the procedure and to answer any questions.

The lash technician should go over different extension options with you before your initial application…Do you want them long?  What is your definition of long? Is thickness and length your desired outcome? Each consumer’s eyes are different, there are not any two sets of eyes alike, and therefore, it is impractical to the same” extensions as your friend that is best or a picture in a magazine Each eyelash application is unique, and this should be mirrored into  the  technicians work.

You can find many different lengths, weights/diameters, shapes, and colors of eyelash extensions. Individual eyelash extensions are applied to each specific eyelash that is natural. As each natural eyelash sheds (normal shed period is 60 times), a fresh eyelash grows in. The new baby lashes of course won’t have long extensions put on them, this is simply too much weight for the natural eyelash, and infant lashes get the smaller eyelash extensions.  If the technician says he/she are going to be applying flares or clusters to create your lashes appear thicker and fuller in a faster time frame, yet calls them extensions, leave, these aren’t lash extensions and these will damage your natural lashes.

Make sure the lash technician is utilizing an adhesive specifically formulated for eyelashes. Many adhesives come from overseas and are also equal to nail automobile or glue production glue. Additionally you wish to make certain the adhesive is  a formaldehyde free formula.

Be selective on who you determine to apply eyelash extensions to your eyes. Try to find a clean  and environment that is sanitary somebody who takes pride within  their appearance and their clients’ appearance, always offering  a 100% quality every single time. If somebody is booked months that are solid advance and you may  not get in with them…Well, there probably is really a reason for that :)

Above all, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

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